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Our mission is to draw your attention to the Primary Healthcare challenges on the African continent with Diabetes and Infant Mortality as the focus point of #UkampalaHealthcare.
#UkampalaHealthcare Primary Healthcare Investment fund (UKAM-PH Fund)
We need more Individuals like yourself to buy into the #Ukampala, let's Grow Africa vision by ordering and wearing our #Ukampala, T-Shirts and Wristbands.
From each unit item you buy, we raise £5. We have a huge mountain to climb to raise the target minimum of £350,000 required for us to kick start our Primary Healthcare project in 🇳🇬  Nigeria and Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 by the 1st of September 2021. We believe that with your support we will meet and surpass our minimum target long before then.
"If we are the bridge for others to cross into a better life; we will get walked on", but guess what? It will be worth it, for true leaders serve people and their best interest.
Help us add years to life.
Be a 'true leader', be counted amongst the people that will help us raise £350,000 and a lot more.