We are Britain's Finest Coffee, is a novel and delicious Coffee rich in flavours - pleasant, sweet and caramel aroma, with a dark chocolate, spice and a hint of luscious fruit taste.

Our Specialty Grade Coffee is grown and produced in rich volcanic soils by JR Farms in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills in the heart of Africa; working with a network of over 4000 coffee farmers spread across Rwanda, processed and packaged in factory machine of 15 tons capacity daily.

Special features of Ukampala Coffee:

i. Single Origin Coffee: Rwanda.

ii. 100% Arabica Coffee, sourced from the best Arabica beans grown in the high altitudes and microclimates of Rwanda.

iii. Produced with a state of the art coffee roasting and packaging facility located in Rwanda, creating jobs for the Local Community (from the Farm to the Roasters and Packaging).

iv. Flavours: Our Specialty coffee has a unique flavor and offers a distinctive full cup taste as a result of the special characteristics and composition of the volcanic ash mountain soils in which they are produced.

v. International Acclaim: At the 2018 Third Annual Ernesto Illy International Coffee Awards, our partner coffee growers in Rwanda were awarded 'Best of the Best' and 'Coffee Lover's Choice', validating our products quality and prominence as a fast growing coffee brand enjoying massive patronage and acceptance globally.

(First time both honors is bestowed upon one coffee lot in the history of Award; determined by blind tastings by expert jury and consumers). Also coffee beans from Rwanda is listed by Italy's foremost coffee brand (Illy) as one of the 9 world best selections of Arabica; others include Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia India and Ethiopia.

vi. Roast Levels: Our roast Coffee Bean and Ground Coffee varieties include -

* Espresso/Dark Roast
* Medium Roast
* Light Roast