The Birthing of Britain's Finest Coffee!

2018, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria; a season of reflection, the first economic recession in two decades had battered business confidence in even the most stoic Entrepreneurs as myself and caused many businesses to go under.

A young man Rotimi Oyewale, a visionary Agricpreneur who I had now known for many years since my return to Nigeria introduced me to a Coffee Brand which he was producing in partnership with some Rwandan Farmers.

He was working his heart out trying to establish this product in the Nigerian market, but had good success only in the big, prosperous, business and political capital cities (Lagos and Abuja), and mostly in the five star hotels where most of the guests were foreign nationals or Nigerians visiting from abroad whose palates could instinctively recognize the magic and distinctive flavours in these wonder beans.

As is my nature to support Startup entrepreneurs, I agreed to stock this brand of Coffee in our Retail Chain: Famedix Pharmacy, though I knew 90% of our Clients may never have seen a brand of Ground Coffee or Coffee Beans (as Instant Coffee is predominant form of coffee in Nigeria) and our Pharmacy was located in the North of Nigeria with a large percentage of the population living below the poverty line.

After about 4 weeks of stocking this Speciality Grade Coffee on our shelves, and having sold only one pack, I requested some paper filters from Mr. Oyewale and decided to buy a pack for my own consumption. I was astounded and ended up buying all the packs myself.

On my return to the UK in May 2019, it dawned on me that the Speciality Grade Coffee which had literally blown my tonsils back in Nigeria would be a winner in the UK Market. I got in touch with Mr. Oyewale and asked to be sent some sample packs.

On testing out these sample packs in the market the feedback I got was consistently mind blowing. As I worked as a locum in different Pharmacies within the NHS across several cities, I had the opportunity of giving these samples to a variety of people.

The honest feedback which I got was, "I have never had any Coffee so good ..., ... as rich in flavour, ... with a lovely after taste etc etc."

I personally was no expert on Coffee, but the feedback we got from Coffeephile after Coffeephile, and a couple of Coffeeholics convinced us that this was it.

Ukampala, a Company with a Vision to connect the Peoples and grow the Commonwealth of the nations of Africa and the United Kingdom was born.

Ukampala was incorporated with an African theme to support Entrepreneurship and growth of small businesses in Africa.

A journey into the future...