MSEs - Micro and small enterprises are are key drivers of economic growth, innovation, employment and social integration, and they form the backbone of the economy of African countries.

Raising finance as an MSE in Africa can be complex, time consuming and many times impossible. Let's change that.

  • We've spoken with hundreds of businesses like yours and the same pain points emerge time and time again. In response, we've built a straightforward and scalable model that stands apart from existing financing options. You want funding; we're here to help you get it.
  • We invest in disruptive companies in the healthcare, education, transportation, agriculture, food processing, consumer industries. We focus on driving the commercialization of proven technologies and products.
  • Connectivity: Years of collective experience and networks. 
  • Alignment: We only invest our own money. If the entrepreneur fails, we lose. 
  • Transparency: We make swift decisions and negotiate terms early in the process. 
  • Partnership: We adhere to a “deal-by-deal” approach and make decisions to optimize the outcome of each investment.


About Ukampala Venture Partners - UVPartners 

  • Business Classification: Entrepreneurship Development
  • Business Objectives:

Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Transportation and Logistics, Trade, Food, Public Sector Projects Management

  • Trading Name: Ukampala Venture Partners (UVPartners)
  • Type of business: Privately held company
  • Founded: 5th August 2019 (Date of U.K Incorporation)
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Offices: UK: Langley & Nigeria: Ilorin

Business Financial Objectives:

  • Capital gains in equity investments at time of exit
  • Regular gains on debt financing
  • Long-term investment in growth-oriented small/medium firms


Ukampala Venture Partners (UVPartners):

  • For the Entrepreneur who want to create revolutions of their own.
  • We provide investments and mentorship to transform your ideas into a thriving and flourishing enterprise. 

The Team:

  • We are a tight-knit team of independent thinkers.
  • We are rigorous learners and ask the hard questions, always looking to point out blind spots and get a better sense of the unseen and unknown.
  • We seek dissent and encourage new ideas, new thinking, and different perspectives. 

Founder-C.E.O: Adim Udeh 

Strong Foundations: 

Our Partners and Advisors are themselves either serial entrepreneurs or peerless achievers in their professions, who help founders lay enduring foundations to create companies that matter, starting with seed and Series A investments and sticking with our companies at every stage of growth.  


  1. Obasanjo Onireti
  2. Akeem Oyewale
  3. Dumebi Amanyeiwe 

UVP-FUND Portfolio: Fund Manager – Adim Udeh

    What does UVPartners look for in Businesses/Start-ups we Invest in? 

    • UVPartners work with African domiciled-registered companies seeking to raise between $200 and $5,000 equity finance in return for a negotiable equity stake. Companies must demonstrate an innovative and scalable business model as well as a significant and growing addressable market with, if appropriate, a national or international expansion strategy.


    • Businesses approaching UVPartners should show a clear competitive advantage, scalability and high barriers to entry, for example, through intellectual property protection or exclusive commercial arrangements, and should have the potential to become a market leader in the near term.


    • The business should be past the initial concept stage (or for hi-tech investments beyond ‘proof of concept’) and seeking an exit in the medium term, normally via acquisition/trade sale of stock market flotation, generating a significant return for both company directors and investors.


    • An experienced management team with relevant operational/sector experience is also a must.


    • While UVPartners has a focus on healthcare, education, agriculture and food processing, businesses in most stages of operation and sectors will be considered except for property.

     Adim Udeh - UVPartners Fund Manager: Contact: