Ukampala, the fusion of passion, skills and opportunities;  was founded by Adim Udeh on return to England in May 2019, from an eight year sojourn in Africa to explore the rough terrain of business and governance in a country often acknowledged to have great potential, innumerable human resources, immeasurable untapped natural resources and reputed to practice mediocracy as a system of governance.  

Having lived abroad (U.K) for over twelve years before returning in 2012, I realized the only thing I missed about Nigeria apart from family was a whole world and culture of chaos, mediocrity and irresponsibility which has been made legitimate by a system in which the operators know no better.

I came to learn first-hand, that the corruption and inefficiencies in institutions and corridors of power in the developing world are often as a result of a lack of capacity.

Decades of institutional decay and very poor quality educational systems mean that even when the resources are provided/available, the politicians in government and the staff of many of these institutions/agencies have no clue how to deploy them for the benefit of the masses and the nation.

Ukampala, marks the culmination of over twenty years of professional and career experience on the continents of Europe and Africa; in the primary healthcare industry and as an entrepreneur extraordinaire.

My venture into the nightmarish political arena in Nigeria (2018/2019) as the State Deputy Chairman of one of the new ethically conscious Political Parties – Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) gave me full understanding of the impact of poverty and illiteracy on the citizenry; and why the vicious circle of poor leadership not held to account by a poor followership prevails in Africa.

In a population of over 200 million, with youth unemployment of over 35%; Nigeria and indeed most of Africa do not foreign aid, but investment. An Entrepreneurial revolution beckons, in-wait for worthy Champions to lead the fray. The CEO of Twitter has volunteered to be one by emigrating to Africa this year (2020). However, Jack Dorsey alone can not transform a continent populated with dormant creative talent.

In summary, I have concluded that there is no continent more ready for the entrepreneur whose primary drive is to create wealth while making a phenomenal impact on the community. 2020-2021 will see me back in Africa. With the #Ukampala Team on the ground, our Mission is... #Ukampala, adding years to life. Let’s Grow Africa!

Then! Why tell, when we can show?
#Ukampala, let's Grow Africa!