Reuseable Coffee Filters

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Pour Over Coffee Filter Stainless Steel Cone Coffee Dripper Maker.

Our pour over coffee dripper is made of premium stainless steel, paperless and reusable.

About this item

☕SINGLE LAYER PRECSION FINE MESH:18/8 stainless steel coffee filter coffee filter preserves the coffee's natural oils and flavors entirely for you to feel the smooth taste of freshly- ground coffee with all its richness,whether at home, at work or even in the outdoors, camping, It offers aroma, the best coffee flavor infusion, whether at home, at work or even in the outdoors, camping.

☕The fine mesh on the inside of the filter will stop grounds from slipping into your cup, and prevent hot gas burns, 118mm diameter coffee filter is compatible with most coffee carafes, cups, thermoses, pots and mugs.

☕NEVER CLOG THE FILTER:It can prevent 99% of the coffee grounds from entering the coffee cup, and there will be no coffee powder blocking the filter, keeping the natural and pure taste of the coffee beans.

☕EASY TO CLEAN:The laser-cut stainless steel mesh will not be like the finer filter on the market. The coffee powder will get wont go through it. It won't absorb coffee or coffee oil like traditional filter paper. It only needs to be in clear water. Rinse and then dry, cleaning is easy.

☕Eco-friendly: With our coffee strainer, it will be a different experience, Smoother and Less Sediment than normal. You won't have to change expensive paper filters any more, saving money.